MathBoard Fractions

for iOS and macOS.

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MathBoard Fractions is a comprehensive fractions app that will help all students master fractions easily and quickly. MathBoard Fractions consists of activities that will teach terms, provide interactive examples, quiz knowledge, as well as walk through solutions.


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Fraction Calculator

for iOS and macOS.

Fractions are everywhere and the Fraction Calculator is designed to ease the task of working with fractions with its simple and intuitive calculator style interface.

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for iOS, tvOS, macOS, and Windows 8 & 10.


MathBoard is a highly configurable math app appropriate for all school aged children. MathBoard will allow you to configure the app to best match the abilities of your individual child/student. And it is more than just drills, MathBoard encourages students to solve problems, and not just guess at answers.

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SpellBoard for iOS and macOS.

now with iCloud syncing


Whether you’re a student, teacher or parent, we all know the weekly spelling drill. Monday, we get our weekly words. Wednesday, we have our pre-quiz and Friday is the spelling test. Of course, during the week there are endless impromptu spelling quizzes, – at home, in the car, at dinner, before bed – you get the idea. Well, all that may have just changed – say hello to SpellBoard.

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MathBoard Challenge

for iOS

Everything you have grown to love about MathBoard is now available in a fast-paced, head-to-head math challenge. Play against the clock or friends to see how many points you can score, but be careful if you answer the problems incorrectly you will lose points.

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MathBoard for tvOS.    

The same great MathBoard® app is now available for the Apple TV.

Supports iCloud syncing between iOS, macOS and tvOS.

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